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Avocado Jan Boyce
by Laurie Meadows

Notes on the  avocado cultivar
Jan Boyce.

This cultivar was named by Al Boyce, the
director of the University of California Riverside Experimental Station, after his wife Jan.
Julie Frink, a USA volunteer at the University of California South Coast Field Station, considers the Jan Boyce variety as a particularly fine tasting fruit, perhaps a 'gourmet avocado'. The notes from the University of California say:

"A pretty oval/pear shaped fruit. It does not peel well, is handsome looking and has excellent flavor in April. Considered by some to be a gourmet avocado."

The tree is said to be vigorous, and to set fruit well. The ripe fruit are green skinned, and said to have a very small seed. It is likely to be ripe in late spring-summer in our cooler conditions.

This cultivar has been in New Zealand for some time, evidently, but is never heard of. I obtained a plant from a Kumeu nurseryman, and planted it out in a rather difficult (but sandy) spot in a tiny steep paddock by some native forest.

The little tree has had a hard life, survived drought, root rot, and attack by possums. It is planted under a Karri eucalyptus tree, which has made its life even more challenging...Escaped sheep almost destroyed it in 2017. I have propagated a new tree, and when the new tree is big enough, it will be planted in a much more suitable situation!

Jan Boyce

This year it has flowered for the first time, and it seems it will flower about with Hass.

More notes are at http://www.epicenteravocados.com/varieties/janboyce/

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